“If only this book was around when I was younger. Many people these days are trying to get to the next level in their lives financially only to fall short. The reason is due to them missing vital pieces of the puzzle. In this book, Ricky has shared with you what those pieces are. Do yourself a favour and grab this book. Better still buy it for your friends as well.”

Justin Herald
Best-Selling Author of ‘Prosperity on Purpose’





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Imagine what your life would look like if you can
actually make all your dreams come true.

In this book, ‘Living The Immigrant Dream’, International Author, Engineer, Analytical Scientist, Entrepreneur, Real Estate Investor and Prosperity Coach Ricky Sawi will tell you everything you want to know to take that first step towards improving your life and achieving financial prosperity.

You will discover…
The principles used by the world’s richest people to create wealth
How to build your confidence and use the power of momentum to build massive
The power of immigrant dreams and why they are worth having
How to overcome your limiting beliefs and get rich beyond your wildest dreams
The hidden secrets to having a meaningful and prosperous life
How to become an investor and entrepreneur, and be financially successful in it
Wealth strategies that all rich people know that you don’t


“Author Ricky Sawi has created a much needed resource and virtual treasure trove for immigrants with this outstanding book ‘Living the Immigrant Dream’. This is an essential, brilliant and vital book for immigrants looking to achieve and secure financial prosperity on foreign shores.”

Lynika Cruz
Best-Selling Author of ‘Beggars Can Be Choosers’

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